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Launching “The Witching Hour” at Pure London 10th-12th February Stand B44

About Us

Our Mission

Olivia Annabelle is founded by Olivia Welsh, a Fashion Designer from Manchester. A frustration with the lack of diversity and innovation on the high street fostered a desire to design clothes made from beautiful fabrics that are unique, well made and don't follow trends. At the heart of the brand is our aim to make limited edition high-quality pieces that have longevity and timeless appeal that can be kept and worn forever.

In a world of throwaway over-produced fast fashion we have made it our mission to improve the way we produce our collections and are striving for more sustainable production methods and materials. We are constantly working to achieve this by planning to source more natural fabrics for our future collections.

Olivia Annabelle will create two seasonal collections per year alongside a new line of bespoke one-off pieces hand-made in our studio – launching soon.

Custom Prints

Olivia Annabelle has an inherently British feel, and takes inspiration from the nostalgia of the past, local traditions and superstitions, with hours spent researching the history, novels, art and culture of each theme.

Each collection is themed and designed with exclusive playful one-off prints and accessories all designed in-house by our small but dedicated team of talented creatives.
With an emphasis on whimsical, feminine and classic silhouettes taken from different time periods combined with distinctive prints and traditional fabrics, the result is a unique but carefully curated collection that encapsulates the romantic spirit of dressing up in a contemporary world.

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Finest Fabrics

At Olivia Annabelle we believe that finding high-quality fabrics doesn’t have to mean ‘plain’ – we pride ourselves on the extensive research we do when sourcing fabrics to find unique and luxurious materials, which we compliment with our own distinctive and original prints.  As part of our mission to create more sustainable products we are looking into new ways of producing our printed fabrics and would like to work with more natural fabrics such as silk in the future.

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