Matey Collar in Voyager Print

Matey Collar in Voyager Print

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The Matey Collar in Voyager Print made from 100% printed cotton with off-white pleated trim. Made from offcuts from our production of the High Seas Collection.

Bespoke print exclusive to Olivia Annabelle.

Removable collar fastened with hook and eye.

This Autumn Winter Collection aims to encapsulate the wild, unpredictable, unwavering force of the sea and all of its mysteries. Tales of sirens and sea beasts infiltrate the soft feminine silhouettes through hand painted prints and embroideries. Shapes are formed from sea captain’s uniforms and contrasted with willowy ethereal shapes that drift eerily through the oceans waves. Prints feature precious keepsakes and lucky charms for safety on long voyages, alongside omens and sirens luring sailors to their fate.

“Thus on Life’s lonely Sea.

Heareth the marinere,

Voices sad, from Far and Near,

Ever singing, full of Fear,

Ever singing, Drearfully.”