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*Sample* Oberon Crochet Sweater

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*Sample Sale Pieces are non-refundable*

The Oberon Sweater, is a handcrafted piece. It has been lovingly crocheted by hand from 100% Organic Cotton yarn, also hand dyed to our exact colour scheme inspired by the jewel tones of the pre-raphaelites paintings. Perfect for layering this Winter, and matches with the Shalott cardigan. 

*Lurex sparkle thread will not be in the final production of this garment* Colours may be slightly different in final production*

Enter the world of legends, dragons, mythological creatures and magic. Inspired by the local folklore of Alderley Edge Forest and it’s resident wizard, our jewel toned prints this season take on the form of ancient stories, retrieving swords from mysterious lakes, welsh tales of dragons with acts of chivalry and bravery. Paired with classic tartans, regal elements and William Morris inspired symbolism to evoke this mystical era but in an updated and wearable style.

To encapsulate the romance of this theme we looked to the pre-Raphaelites, who reinvigorated interests in classic British folklore in beautiful painted form, with flowing fabrics and unconventionally loose waistlines. We have imbued a sense of medieval dress in our shape design by taking bodice shapes and panelling details from armour and doublets, with gathered puff sleeves to create this iconic whimsical silhouette.

  • Ethically Made

    Made by hand in an ethical and sustainable way by skilled artisans and independent seamstresses

  • Made from sustainably sourced materials

    The materials used are ethically and sustainably sourced locally

  • Unique Limited edition pieces

    Exclusive pieces and prints all designed by Olivia in limited quantites

OA Care Guide

As printed onto the care labels stitched into OA garments, I strongly recommend to dry clean your beautiful new additions. As these pieces are all handmade by a small factory or an independent seamstress, in an ethical and sustainable way they are not processed with harmful chemicals and washed, and then rewashed like fast fashion brands. 

If your piece has an alternative fabric - like a bright white collar on a purple dress then I would definitely advise to dry clean or spot clean to avoid colours bleeding into the collar. If a garment absolutely has to be washed then add 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle or one-half cup salt to the wash to help hold in colors. Use color-catcher sheets, which trap extraneous dyes during the wash cycle to prevent bleeding. Digital printed garments' colour does not usually run, however, the lining of the garment may run. Please do not scrub your pieces as this can cause damage to the surface.

When possible it is always kinder to steam garments rather than ironing them. Steaming removes creases by relaxing the fibres of the fabric. Ironing, on the other hand, uses the heat of the metal base and weight to compress the fibres. The compression of fibres over time can cause irreversible damage and shorten the life of the garment.

Care Advice for Corduroy and Needlecord Fabrics

I recommend to spot clean Corduroy when and as needed, I strongly recommend you to dry clean OA garments, but if a full wash is required here is some care advice;

If possible, a gentle hand wash would be best on a very low temperature. Do not scrub the fabric as this will destroy the pile. On high heat corduroy tends to shrink and the dye can run. I would advise where possible to only dry clean. 

To revive the ‘pile’ (the textured fluffiness of the corduroy) I would recommend steaming the corduroy. This maintains the fluffiness of the corduroy. DO NOT iron corduroy on either side of the fabric – this flattens the texture and can damage it. The needlecord I have chosen works best with steaming and is the perfect weight to prevent too many creases.

Cleaning Guide

  • Dry Clean Only
  • Steam Rather Than Iron
  • Don't Tumble Dry
  • Spot Cleaning Advised - Do Not Scrub

Size chart

Bust XS
Waist XS
Hips XS
Size8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22 24-26
Bust87 97 108 120 131
Waist70 80 92 104 114
Hips95 105 115 127 137

* Sizes are UK sizes and expressed in CM. As a lot of my pieces are floaty in style and generous in sizing these size guides are just approximate average measurements as sizing can change depending on the style of the garment. Each garment depending on style may have different fits to the measurements above, please contact me for specific measurements. Please contact me for more sizing details if you are unsure about your size.

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